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Hiding Georgia Assets And Divorce


Over the course of your marriage, it is possible either you or your spouse was in charge of the family finances, such as paying bills and making retirement planning decisions. While this arrangement can make sense when a marriage is going well, there can be arguments when a marriage is dissolving. After all, one person may not be aware of all of the family finances, it may be possible there are hidden assets.

If you feel your spouse is not being honest and transparent about assets as you move towards divorce, talk to a legal professional. There are many ways that people try to hide wealth and an experienced Atlanta divorce attorney is familiar with all of them.

Where Is It Possible to Hide Assets?

While you may think of one or two places where your spouse could be hiding the assets, the reality may be there are far more places where financial resources are stowed away. In order to access your fair share of resources, it is essential all assets and debts are tallied. Assets could be sheltered from view in any of the following ways:

  • Safe deposit boxes are used to hide valuables and money.
  • Art, antiques, and valuables are collected and not appraised.
  • Lying about debts to another person who will repay that amount later.
  • Person is not transparent about their pay level or bonus structure.
  • Stocks or investments are purchased without a spouse’s knowledge.
  • Business or personal income underreported.

The state of Georgia requires that individuals provide full financial disclosures in the divorce process. It is perjury if a person lies on a financial affidavit. Lying could result in the lying party being fined, needing to pay the legal fees of the other party, and other penalties.

Lawyers and Financial Records

Legal professionals know how to access data and review records. Then, when a discrepancy is discovered, legal requests can be made for more evidence. While the process can be complicated, an Atlanta divorce attorney can do the work for you and let you know what they have unearthed. When more specialization is required, your lawyer has the contacts to make that happen, including relationships with forensic accountants.

If your spouse is hiding assets, discovering them could mean a more stable financial future for you once the divorce agreement is finalized. You do not have to comb through complex financial records on your own, professionals can help you through the process and pave your path to a better future.

Is it your suspicion that your spouse is hiding assets as the two of you move toward separation and divorce?  If you are seeking advice on what to do next and plan for your future, talk to a lawyer. The skilled attorneys at The Solomon Firm will strategize the best path forward given your unique situation and needs. Our legal team has the knowledge and resources you need to move forward with confidence. Solutions you never considered may be possible and a lawyer can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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