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Online Behavior To Avoid During Your Divorce


If you are in the process of a divorce in the state of Georgia, what you tweet, post, and include in your pictures on social media could be used against you. Research shows that 81% of divorce attorneys were successful in finding evidence worth presenting in court in a divorce proceeding. Evidence of character can be a part of a divorce, and if there are pictures of you behaving in incriminating or illegal ways, it may negatively affect your case. Anything posted on social media platforms is discoverable. Even if your preferences are set to private, a person could take a screenshot of your post or tweet and it is preserved forever. Consider these following suggestions regarding your online behavior during your divorce.

Divorce Announcement

You may feel wronged, hurt, excited, frustrated or furious about your divorce. However, making the announcement that you are going to get a divorce, or are in the process of a divorce can bring discussions regarding you and your soon to be ex-spouse on social media. These opinions can open a Pandora’s box of criticism against your spouse and even you, personally. Online discussions can become vicious battlegrounds. The best decision is to always wait until your entire divorce is completely finalized to issue any type of post or tweet about the status of your relationship. Your comments and posts can not be used against you if there are none to be found.


If you decide to put pictures on social media, know that any of those photographs can be used against you. If you are out with a new romantic partner or decide to partake in a night out, all pictures should be kept off of any social media accounts, including your friends. Make sure to let your friends and family know that you do not wish any pictures to be posted on social media of you during your divorce. Any inappropriate pictures of you behaving in a lewd or compromising manner, or drunk or partaking of illegal substances, can be used against you in your divorce proceeding and could even affect your child custody arrangement.

Additionally, if you are considering going on a shopping spree, you might not want to share a picture of you with Gucci and Prada bags if you are attempting to convince a judge that you deserve alimony payments. Similarly, if you are posting pictures of an exclusive vacation on a beach in a resort in the Caribbean, a judge may not look favorably regarding your requests for increased child support or alimony.

Never Delete Anything

If you make a mistake and post a picture or a comment that you regret, do not delete it. While it may be embarrassing, a court may consider your deletion as an attempt to destroy evidence. This can be a serious violation of law, and the best practice is to never delete anything you post on social media.

Let Us Help You Today 

If you are in the process of a divorce, visiting with an experienced divorce attorney can help you with your case and also all of the external factors such as how to behave on social media that you may not be aware of. Contact a knowledgeable  Atlanta divorce attorney to help you understand how your social media account may affect your divorce, or how your spouse’s social media account may be used in your divorce proceeding against him/her.  Contact The Solomon Firm at 404-565-0641 today for a free consultation.



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